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2020-03-06  來自: 廣州彩馬涂料有限公司 瀏覽次數:818


       The epidemic has not been completely controlled, but companies have resumed work. In the days when we need to go out frequently, we cant help but feel a little worried.At the same time, we need to face our daily life with a rational, positive and optimistic attitude.



       Lets walk into Choimer Business School to embrace more colors.With a beautiful color to soothe the tired heart, everything will be cured as times goes by...




       In anxious days, mint green can give you a good mood, like the breeze blowing your face, refreshing and lively.



       Mint green with the clear of light blue and the vitality of green, fresh and elegant with a sense of oxygen, is the symbol of growth, recovery, quietness and beauty.




       Honeydew melon orange is sweet and gentle, can not only make you feel warm but also promote the appetite.



       Honeydew melon orange, like the sweet of melons in summer, as if with the fragrance of fruit, can let you have a colorful and brilliant happy mood instantly, and is absolutely the most sweet and beautiful color.




       Pink is a color full of maternity, giving people a warm power, as long as you look at it once, you will feel happy.



       Soft rose pink, full of indulgence from ***, will make you feel moved at a glance. It is romantic, pure, delicate and unflattering. Like the breeze in spring it can cure all small emotions!




       Holy white gives people a clean and pure feeling that can drive away your bad mood and leave peace in your heart.



       White always gives people the simplest happiness, the space it is in is clean and tidy, so your mood can be *** and relaxed. White can have a good soothing effect on the heart, mind, nerves and emotions. It can also help to cultivate vitality and gain supportive emotions.


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